3 Easy Ways to Save $100


Simple Money Saving Tips
Could you use an extra $100 in your budget? Here are three super easy ways to save $100 in just one month so you can build your savings or pay off debt.

Who couldn’t use an extra $100? I know I wouldn’t turn it down! An extra hundo can mean a lot of different things. It could boost a loan payment or it could provide some guiltless spending money.

Lucky for us all, there’s a few easy ways to save or squeeze an extra hundred dollars from our budget.

1. The Upgraded Coin Jar

I’ve personally done this and was amazed at how much I was able to save without even noticing. I bet most people are familiar with the idea of a coin jar. You toss all your spare change in there and once it’s full, you cash it in. A time honored method to painless saving and a great way to keep all your coins in one place.

However, to really ramp up the savings without even noticing a pinch on your wallet, throw your $1 bills in along with the spare change. That’s right. Make it a coin and cash jar! Anytime you find yourself in possession of a $1 bill, tell yourself you can’t spend it. Put it in the jar and you’ll double the rate at which you’re saving.

In my experience, I saved $200 in about three months doing this. I cashed in the jar for a trip to San Diego and it served as all my spending money for the long weekend!

2. Save it and Then Deal

For those who are experienced at saving and are ready to get creative, try this: just save $100 at the beginning of the month and then deal with it being gone. It’s called ‘paying yourself first’ in some circles and it generally works.

If you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money. You’ll find a way to deal with it, I pinky promise.

For example, say you start carpooling to work. That saves you gas money. Skip meals out for a week and you’ll come pretty close to that $100 right there! Birthday or holiday money from family? You better be saving that! There’s always a place to pinch from.

3. Go Vegetarian for a Month

Now, I live in Texas, the meat eating capital of the world. When I tell people I don’t eat red meat or pork, they look at you like you said you want to kidnap their child. The fact of the matter is, meat is expensive. At any grocery store you go to, any kind of animal will always be more expensive than vegetables. Every single time.

The same goes for restaurants. Dishes with any meat in them are more expensive than those without, and adding steak or chicken to a dish is always $1-$3 more.

That means going meatless for one month is going to save you big time. You’ll reap the rewards in every way possible: monetarily, physically, and emotionally. There are a million studies and reports that say eating less meat is healthier for you, so I won’t bore you here.

If you don’t think you can do this, just know my average grocery bill is around $19 for a week’s worth of food because I never buy meat. No bacon, no burgers, no wings. Things like beans, vegetables, hummus, and cereal take me as far as I need to go, culinar-ily speaking!

The next time you’re about to swipe your card for something spur of the moment, or you autopilot to the burger section of the menu, take a second and think about what you’d do with $100. You can have that thing in one month flat if you follow just one of these tactics! Heck, you could have $300 in one month if you did all three! Talk about big money.

What are your favorite ways to save money easily? How have you saved $100 or more per month?

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