8 Things You Don’t Need for Baby


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New to mommyhood? There's a lot of baby items you can skip out on. Check out this list of 8 things you don't need for baby so you can save your money.

Having a baby is an exciting event. Friends and family members want to know what you’re having as soon as possible, and then they start throwing you gender-themed baby showers.

It’s also pretty fun to go register for your own baby items and buy a few as well. So many items are so tiny, soft, and powder scented that it can be hard for any mom to resist!

However much you think you need, though, try not to get carried away. You probably only need half of what you’re going to end up with, and you’ll end up giving a lot of it away after only a few uses.

You’ll also end up with a ton of items that you might never even remove the tags from. There’s not much you can do other than attempt to return some of it, or regift it to another new (but probably already overwhelmed with baby things) mom.

Try to curb your baby spending (and registering) by forgoing these 8 things you don’t need for baby.

1. A Bassinet or Cosleeper

You do need a place for baby to sleep, but why waste money on a bassinet that can only be used for about 3 months?

Borrow a friend’s old one if you really want one, and then use it until baby starts to move. Or you can simply opt to use the crib from day one. I think you’ll be glad you saved your money.

2. Baby Bedding

When I was pregnant, I bought a beautiful bedding set that I never ended up using. I finally sold it in a consignment sale. What a waste of money!

Skip the urge to buy that cute baby bedding. One, it’s expensive, and two, you won’t want to use it anyway. Those crib bumpers are a little unsightly, your baby will use it to get out of the crib when they’re older, and when they’re newborns, you’ll worry that they’ll suffocate themselves on it.

All you need for your crib is a waterproof mattress pad, a couple of crib sheets, and a soft blanket.

3. A Diaper Pail

My sister advised me not to purchase a diaper pail, but in the throes of first-time pregnancy, I bought one anyway. Well, my sister was absolutely right, so now I’m passing along the information to you.

Trust me, you will not want to keep a load of not-so-fresh messy diapers stuffed into a loaded-down 3 foot tall container. Seriously, who came up with that idea??

Even if you buy a top of the line diaper pail, it’s going to smell to high heaven until you get rid of it. You’ll end up throwing diapers in a bag and tossing them into the trash outside, so don’t waste the money. (That’s if you choose to use disposable diapers.)

4. Name Brand Clothing

When you have a new baby, you can probably get away with not buying your baby any clothes for at least 6 months. That’s because people will come out of the woodwork with gifted clothing (because people love to buy baby clothes) and hand-me-downs.

Take advantage of it! Your baby will not be able to wear most items for more than one season anyway, and you really don’t need that many clothes for your child anyway.

5. Baby Shoes

I know there’s nothing cuter than tiny little sneakers and boots for babies (except for maybe the baby itself), but they really don’t need shoes until they start walking.

6. Toys

Again, people will gift your baby toys because they’re fun and easy to buy. However, they’re not necessary.

Everything is new to your baby, and s/he will probably enjoy playing with common household items the most — plastic cups, wooden spoons, and clean keys. It doesn’t have to have a Fisher Price tag on it to make a baby happy.

7. A Changing Table

Instead of a traditional changing table, use an old dresser with a curved changing pad placed on top (that you can buy for about 20 bucks).

A dresser is something you’ll use for your child as he or she grows. A changing table is not only unattractive, but also not something that you’ll use for very long at all (thankfully, they do grow out of diapers!).

8. A Diaper Bag

In my mind, there’s nothing worse than a PVC-smelling, Winnie The Pooh-clad, tacky diaper bag. They’re ugly and they scream “Mom” even more than those horrendous mom jeans.

You may as well go ahead and add the teddy bear border and pop in one of those annoying kid CDs now if you’re going to go that route. Just don’t do it!

There are so many larger, much cuter bags to be found these days, and none of them have to involve a silly kid’s character. This is a bag that you’ll be carrying around daily – one that will likely double as your purse – so you’re allowed to make it the one area that doesn’t scream, “I belong to a baby!”

Choose an affordable, large tote-style purse to use as your diaper bag, and when you reach the age where your baby doesn’t need an arsenal of goods to be toted around, you can reuse it.

Babies Don’t Need Much

In the end, babies don’t really need that much in the way of material goods. The most important things you can give them right now are your love and attention. Everything else will likely be provided for you, so smile and graciously accept hand-me-downs and gifts. Reap these savings while you can and save for the stuff that really matters.

What things did you skip out on when it came to baby expenses? Anything else you’d add to the list? 

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