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How to Stop Being Afraid of the Stock Market

Black Tuesday. Black Friday. And most recently, Black Monday. The stock market has had some dark days, that can’t be denied. Investing remains the next great frontier for millennials, with many of us putting off or downright avoiding our start to investing.

I get it. I bought my first stock just one month ago. I’m a total investment newb and I can admit to it. My status as new kid on the block doesn’t matter though, because this is the block to be on.

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Accepting Financial Responsibility For Yourself

There comes a time in every person’s life when they must face up to the fact they’re responsible for their own financial lives. You have to break free from your parents or your bad habits and start living like an adult. It comes for us all, my friends.

Accepting financial responsibility for yourself can be an exciting and rewarding thing, though. It certainly doesn’t have to be doom and gloom!

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Investment vs. Speculation: A Guide for Beginners

Does the stock market seem like Vegas to you? Suspect, possibly rigged? Congratulations, you’re normal.

Being cynical about “great money-making opportunities” is a good survival skill. You won’t win the lottery. Those too-good-to-be-true late-night TV offers are, indeed, to good to be true. That guy on the corner flipping cards is running a scam. Best to keep your hands in your pockets and firmly on your wallet. Continue reading

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