4 Smart Purchases Worth Spending On


Savvy Shopping Tips
We're all for saving money, but there are certainly purchases worth spending on. Splurge on quality when it matters - start with these 4 things!

I may be an avid fan of minimalism and frugality, but I’m happy to spend on the right things. Quality is definitely something to pay for. Whether it’s a service or a material good, spending money on things that are well made and well executed is a good idea.

There are areas where you can and should cut back or buy second hand, like groceries and clothing. But there are other areas where shopping second hand or cutting back can actually cost you money.

Here are 4 smart purchases that are worth spending on.

1) Your Transportation

If you want to own your main means of transportation, whether it’s a bike, a car, or a scooter, you should make sure it’s in top notch condition.

This doesn’t necessarily mean buying new, but it doesn’t mean going with the cheapest thing available, either. Test ride or drive anything you’re thinking of buying and do your research on it.

If it’s a car, look at the mileage, ask about what kind of driving it was used for before, check the Kelley Blue Book listing of the car to see its value, and check the Carfax report for accident history.

The same principles go for any other means of transportation. This is something you’ll be using frequently, and for a long time, so you want to make sure it’s quality and that it’s going to do the job. Don’t skimp on this purchase!

2) Healthcare

Healthcare is a big word and it encompasses a lot of things. It doesn’t just mean your health insurance payment each month.

If you need surgery, a supplement, or any kind of procedure, you should definitely pay for quality. Go to a doctor that’s certified and comes with solid recommendations.

Seek out treatments with track records and people who have been through them. Ask your provider for support groups or for help outside of what the procedure may be, or after you leave the hospital.

To save money, ask about discounts. Just make sure that you’re asking at an office where you’ll receive quality care.

Any kind of health care is included in this as well. For dental care, buy a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste that will do their jobs well. A 99 cent toothbrush may feel good on your wallet, but will it feel good on your gums? Something slightly more expensive will last longer and treat your body better.

For eye care? Don’t wear your contacts for a month straight to save money, or procrastinate on getting an eye exam. If you need to update your prescription, you should do it right away.

Don’t forget skincare, especially now that it’s summer. Purchase a nice bottle of sunscreen, wear a hat, and get a cute pair of sunglasses for going outside. As for your face, if you have sensitive skin, splurge on brands that won’t cause you extra issues.

3) A Good Mattress

The statistics say that people spend one third of their life in bed, so a quality mattress is a must. A poor mattress can lead to back problems, sleep problems, and more.

Since it’s an accepted medical fact that sleep is just as important to your health as good food and exercise, investing in a good mattress is worth every penny it may cost.

Just make sure to be smart about the actual purchase. Mattresses often have a high mark-up. Shop sales and negotiate price, or buy from a wholesaler.

4) A Back-Up Hard Drive

Today, the world is run on computers. If you do work on your computer, saving it on the cloud isn’t enough. The cloud can be hacked, and websites can crash and be erased.

Buy a large external hard drive that can hold your work and back up your computer once a month. Imagine losing everything you’ve worked on in one terrible swoop! Backing up your information on a hard drive will save you a lot of pain and headaches.

Spend Now to Save Later

Spending money on good quality items now can mean saving money later on down the road. It’s also worth spending on preventative care in the form of routine maintenance. Quality items last longer as well, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often.

That 99 cent toothbrush we talked about earlier? It’s not saving you money if you buy one once a month, as opposed to a three dollar toothbrush that you need to buy only buy twice a year. Just as saving and shopping second hand has its place, so too do smart purchases that last a long time.

What purchases are you comfortable splurging on? What have been some of your longest lasting purchases?

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