Redefine Luxury: Frugal Ways to Live Large


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Want to live large on a small budget or salary? It's possible as long as you redefine luxury. Here are a few ways to splurge meaningfully and spend less.

Living a frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up your luxuries or becoming a cave dweller. The world is full of frugal and fun things to do and ways to live!

One of my favorite things to do, in fact, is to redefine traditional ideas of luxury. You don’t need to go out and buy an Aston Martin to feel like you’re living large!

With a few little changes, you can still do everything that usually sucks up your money – travel, eating out, shopping, etc. If you also expand your definition of luxury, you get to explore a whole new world of options for fun or for treating yourself.

Sticking to your budget doesn’t mean eliminating the finer things in life.

Luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive products or over the top indulgences. By redefining how and what you think of as luxurious, you open yourself up to endless possibilities for lavish treatment every day!

Here’s a few ways you can redefine luxury and get started living large on a small budget!

Reconfigure Old Habits

1) Re-think Travel Accommodations

Next time you’re out traipsing around the globe or your home country, skip the hotel. One of my favorite ways to save on travel is to camp.

In the US, national forests are free to camp in, and National Parks are way cheaper for a few nights than a hotel. Depending on the state and the park, fees for a campground site are anywhere between $10-$20 a night.

Plus, national parks are beautiful and wonderful ways to spend time with friends or family. Hiking, swimming, and s’mores are all very frugal and fun ways to get out of your normal routine.

2) Recreate Your Favorite Restaurant

Is there one restaurant in town that makes you weak at the knees with their take on brussels sprouts?

Instead of spending the night out, hit up your local grocery store, invite a few friends or your partner over, and have a fancy meal right in the comfort of your own home.

There are tons of sites out there dedicated to copycat recipes. Recreating meals from your favorite restaurant is easy!

3) Switch Up Your Shopping

Rather than heading straight to the stores you always end up at, try checking out a thrift store first.

Thrift stores definitely require a little more effort than a department store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find absolute treasures there.

Name brands are often hanging on thrift store racks and you’ll pay a mere fraction of the price. Walking around in a Ralph Lauren shirt that you paid $7 for is definitely a frugal way to be stylish!

4) Upgrade the Quality

For the already frugal among us, a great way to treat yourself to a dose of luxury is to upgrade a frugal habit.

For example, if you make your coffee at home every morning, you’re already saving some big bucks. Next time you hit the grocery store, indulge in some high grade coffee beans. Get enough for one week and enjoy the new taste each morning!

Little switches like that are a wonderful way to add luxury to your everyday routine. Enjoy a meal on your fine china this week. Break out the “nice” linens you usually save for guests, and remind yourself that things are there to be used!

Embrace the New

One of the great things about being an adult is the option to explore things you weren’t exposed to as a child. Whether it’s a new style of dressing, living in a new city, or simply eating breakfast for dinner, embracing new things is great way to find new ways to splurge on yourself.

1) Quality over Quantity

A great adult habit to get into is quality over quantity. Maybe you can’t jet off to exotic locales every other weekend, but when you do go on your vacation, make it really count!

Pick a location that has personal meaning to you for added value. Visiting your family’s homeland might be a great way to enhance a trip out of the country.

Seeing the place where your great grandparents came from will stick with you a million times longer than trying to cram in quick vacations over your weekends.

2) Say Yes

Say yes to new people, new places, and new things that come your way. You may find that a new friend has a beach house she wants to host you at, or that a new town nearby has the best tamale you’ve ever tasted.

Now that you have the flexibility in decision making that comes with being a grown-up, put it to use! In improv they always tell you to agree with the scene you’re in. As your friendly personal finance blogger, I’m giving you the same general advice. Be open to new kinds of luxury.

Overall, be flexible with your definition and execution of luxury. Don’t feel like it’s out of reach simply because you’re not on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You don’t have to wear designer labels or stay in penthouses to experience the finer things in life.

How do you incorporate luxury into your life? Have you redefined what luxury means to you? 

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