How to Recycle Your Clothes to Save Money


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Want to save money on clothing? Tired of keeping up with fashion trends? Learn how to recycle your clothes to save money with these 4 simple tips.

Looking good is something we’re all striving for. I want to look just as stylish as my friend who works in an office, even though I work from my couch. I want to have the best hair cut I can, even though I can’t afford to have it done in a ritzy salon. So I’ve come up with a few sly tricks to keep myself styling on the cheap. Find out how you can, too!

Recycle Your Clothes

The single best thing I’ve done to stay looking good and keep my bank accounts solid is recycle my clothes. I don’t mean simply switching from summer clothes to winter clothes when the temperature drops. I mean that I keep clothes for years and re-purpose them in two different ways: wear them differently, or adjust them to create a new item.

Sometimes you need to re-work an item in your closet. Doing something like sewing lace onto regular jean shorts transforms them into a trendy summer look. Or cutting the sleeves off a regular t-shirt suddenly makes it a tank top with a rock vibe. Adding or subtracting from an article of clothing can breathe new life into it and save you some cash.

Wear it How You Want!

Re-working an item may not be necessary. Fashion has never been so open to change or as free form as it is today. Wearing whatever you want could make you the next big style sensation.

So, wearing something in a non traditional way can be a great way to mix up your closet. Shirts as tunics have become a staple for many women. I frequently wear a t-shirt over a dress to make it look as though I’m wearing a skirt and top. I also like to layer things – wearing a slip over leggings with a cardigan makes it look as though I am wearing a dress, when in fact I’m wearing something that usually goes under dresses. Be creative!

Buy Classics and Staples

Buying well made staples and classics is another good route to go. Of course, fashion changes season to season. One second, neon crop tops are the hottest thing around, and the next, it’s fall and you look ridiculous because slouchy sweaters are in (plus you’re freezing).

Buying things that are always in style and will last you years is a great way to use your money. A little black dress or a dark suit look great on everyone and can be used for everything from cocktail parties to Halloween parties. Other good basics (for both genders) include a white crew or v-neck, dark jeans, a grey sweater, and some kind of boot. These items are versatile, can be dressed up or down, and will stay in your closet forever.

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Learn How to Repair Clothes

Learning how to sew has also saved me some money over the years. A pair of jeans I bought three years ago started to rip. At first, it was very chic, having a hole in my jeans. But then it started to grow, and the hole was moving from chic to risque. If I hadn’t stopped it with my trusty old thread and needle, it would have become down right inappropriate. The rest of the jeans were totally fine though, and by fixing that one hole, I’ve saved myself from the terror of jean shopping and kept some money in my bank account.

Do you recycle your clothes to save money? What methods have worked for you?

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