How to Celebrate Mother’s Day on a Budget

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Crunched for time and money? You can still celebrate Mother's Day on a budget without insane shipping fees. These ideas are cheap, quick, and meaningful.

Can you believe Mother’s Day is next Sunday already? It’s hard enough to believe May is here already! If Mother’s Day caught you by surprise this year, and you’re not sure if you can afford to splurge on your mom, don’t worry. We have you covered.

If you can’t afford an expensive gift, or have run out of time to order anything online, that’s okay. There are many other ways to show your mom you love and appreciate her – spending money isn’t necessary to get the point across.

Gasp, I know. We’re taught to shower our mom’s with beautiful bouquets of flowers, a nice breakfast or brunch, and maybe a day at the spa.

While all of those are nice gifts, they can be pricey (and a little cliche). Want to do something different for your mom this year? Something that doesn’t require spending $50 or more? Here’s how you can celebrate Mother’s Day on a budget.

It’s the Thought That Counts

How many times have we all heard that it’s truly the thought that counts when it comes to gifts?

Well, Mother’s Day is no exception. While I’m not a mom, I’m pretty sure all my mom ever wants on Mother’s Day is the recognition she deserves.

Mom’s have a tough, sometimes thankless, job. They just want to know they’ve done right by you and that they’re loved.

It’s just like work – you love getting praise and recognition from your boss for a job well done, right?

Give your mom that present for Mother’s Day.

You can do this in a number of creative ways, but here are a few of my favorites.

Create a Card

You don’t have to go all out and create a custom hand-drawn card (unless you’re talented like that!), but put some thought into it. Don’t get some stock card from the dollar store that contains a generic message. Customize it so your mom knows you care.

What I usually do is create a card in Photoshop, but you can do the same with free programs like Picmonkey or Canva (which actually has some templates!).

This is a great idea if Mother’s Day completely slipped your mind and you need to get your mom a card in a rush. All you have to do is email it off!

My mom still has the Mother’s Day card and birthday card I made her last year on her desk, and my grandma still has one of the cards I made her hanging on her wall.

Make a Scrapbook

Do your parents still have pictures of your family from when you were a child? Try to coordinate with your siblings or dad to get a hold of them, and create a scrapbook of memories for your mom. (It can make a great family present, too!)

Most anyone loves a little trip down memory lane, which means you get to enjoy making the gift and seeing your mom’s reaction to it.

If you don’t have any “real” scrapbooking supplies, you can always improvise. There are plenty of digital programs out there that allow you to burn a scrapbook to a CD, or you can buy a ream of construction paper and have fun with it.

The point is, you want your mom to know you cherish all the memories she made possible for you. It’s fun to let mom’s reminisce about the days when you were younger. (Let’s face it – most mom’s don’t like seeing their babies grow up.)

Put Together a Simple Gift Basket

Take a few moments to think of your mom’s favorite things. Things that are on the more affordable side, of course.

For example, my mom absolutely loves candles. If I’m ever in doubt of what to get her, that’s my go-to option. Packs of tealight candles from Pier 1 are around $7 if they’re not on sale. Trying to stick to under $50 gets me 7 packages. That’s more than enough to create a little gift basket of candles for her!

If your mom is a sucker for candy or baked goods, you can always take an edible approach, too. Bake a few of her favorite treats, and stick her favorite candy around it. Talk about an indulgent gift!

Give Mom Something She Won’t Buy for Herself

Is your mom a frugal mom? (If she is, you might also want to thank her for setting a good financial example!) Maybe there’s something she’s had her eye on that she can’t bring herself to purchase.

This is probably for those with slightly bigger budgets, but see if you can find a deal to make your mom’s day.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with just asking her what she wants, either. We can’t read minds, and it’s easier to avoid disappointment by asking.

My mom just got a bicycle, and is requesting a basket for it of all things. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t asked.

Gift an Experience

Keep in mind you can also give your mother an experience as a gift, whether it’s free or within your budget.

If your mom is like mine, she might not be great at treating herself. Maybe a day at the spa is exactly what she needs. If you’re female, chances are your mom would love some quality, relaxing mother + daughter time.

Or maybe your mom hasn’t been on a vacation in forever. Why not take her on a weekend trip out of town? You can go the day trip route to avoid paying for lodging. Find out if there’s a place she’s been meaning to visit, but hasn’t.

If you and your family live near where you grew up, you could create a “virtual” scrapbook and take a literal walk down memory lane. Visit places you used to go as a family and relive old memories.

There are so many routes you can take with experiences – they don’t have to equal big bucks. Get creative!

Make Sure Your Gift Comes From the Heart

If all else fails, just make sure your gift comes from the heart. Mom’s can tell when you’ve put effort into something, and they’ll appreciate it.

It takes a lot more creativity to put together a gift basket or scrapbook than it does to order a bouquet of roses.

If you’re really crunched for time and money, consider writing your mom a letter. Tell her how much of an influence she’s had on you over the years. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Remember, the point of Mother’s Day is to celebrate your mom and the amazing woman she is. There’s no wrong way to do it!

How do you do Mother’s Day on a budget? What gifts have you gotten your mom in the past that she was thrilled with?

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