4 Fun and Affordable Dates


Saving Money

You can totally rock your budgeting and saving when you’re single. It’s easy to be in total control of where all your money goes when you’re the only person you have to answer to. When Cupid hits you with that arrow, though, all that goes out the window. Things can get really expensive very quickly. So, how can you maintain your frugal lifestyle and have fun dating?

Lucky for all of us, it’s easy! And, I bet most people who want to date the fabulous creature that you are will also want to be reasonable in their dates. So, let’s look at some options.

The Classic: Dinner and a Movie

Only this time, you’re cooking dinner yourselves and watching the movie on Netflix. Going to the grocery store with a date may seem weird but is actually really fun. You get to walk around and talk about your favorite foods, if you can actually cook or not and pick out a meal together you think will be delicious. And because you’re at the grocery store, you can easily get enough food for a meal at home that costs well below what a restaurant meal would. You will also probably have leftovers! Total score! Cooking together is fun and another great way to get to know someone. It can help them feel comfortable in your space as they figure out where you keep your knives, and it’s a total bonding experience when you overcook the chicken. =)

The Long Term: A Weekend Away

If you’ve been together for a while and are ready to spend some time away, just the two of you (awww) then a weekend camping is the perfect thing to do! Drive to your nearest campground or National Park and spend some time in nature! National Parks are all over the country and usually charge a $5-$10 vehicle fee and then a $10 per night camping fee. Bring your own food and snacks from the grocery store and you can be set for a weekend of hiking, s’mores and starry nights for around $60. Spending time away from the hustle of cities and mixing up your normal dating routine can be great for your relationship too.

There are so many ways to go on fun and affordable dates, whether it's a new relationship or one that has stood the test of time.

Coupon, Groupon and Group On

Finding deals for 2 people on coupon sites or the ever popular Groupon is really simple. My roommate has taken his girlfriend on countless Groupon dates. They’ve been to fancy restaurants, amusement parks, and paddle boarding on Groupon finds. Look for 2-for-1 deals and lock that stuff down! (Or get up to 12% cash back on Groupon when you shop with us!) A great way to introduce a partner into your life is to introduce them to your friends. So why not make a big group date out of it? When the numbers get bigger, the costs tend to get smaller. If you simply must go out to dinner, find a funky buffet and invite some friends to join. Hit up a Happy Hour and get deals for 4+ tables. Similarly, if you’re making a lot of meals at home with a partner, try busting out some coupons at the grocery store. Your frugal side is a part of you and your partner should know about it anyway!

Free Stuff! Whatever it is!

My boyfriend and I are really flexible in our entertainment. We go to museums on free days, free lectures at our local university, take ourselves on street art tours, hikes and walks around town, watch the sunset from our backyard, and a myriad other free things. Don’t get locked into having to spend money in order to have fun. If you’re trying to hit every new restaurant or see every band that comes to town, you’ll be broke so fast it’ll make your head spin. However, if you’re flexible about what a date means to you, you’ll be able to experience new things with this person you think is pretty cool. And that’s all you need right?

What are your favorite cheap dates?

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