How to Plan a Frugal Trip to New Orleans


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frugal trip to New Orleans

New Orleans is an incredible city, so full of culture, entertainment, and of course, voodoo. If you want to plan a frugal trip to New Orleans, read on.

I was born and raised 30 minutes outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. To me, there was nothing better than driving to the city and strolling around Jackson Square on a Sunday afternoon. New Orleans is an incredibly unique city, one of the few preserved cultures in the world because so few people move out and so few people move in.

My family has been living in the area for 7 generations, and all sorts of interesting stories like duels among the live oaks pepper my family history. Needless to say, when you add the culture to the incredible food and entertainment, there’s no excuse why you haven’t been yet.

Here’s how to visit cheaply:

1. Go During Hurricane Season

Obviously when you think of hurricanes and New Orleans, the devastation of Katrina comes to mind. However, that was actually 10 years ago. Most hurricanes that hit New Orleans are a mere annoyance and a cause for celebration with an alcoholic beverage aptly named a Hurricane. If you book a trip during hurricane season, in August or September, prices are much cheaper because of the risk. Simply add on some travel insurance just in case you do have to cancel.

2. Make Friends With a Local

People born and raised in the deep south are known for incredible hospitality. It’s forced on us by our mothers along with the “yes ma’ams” that everyone keeps making me stop saying now that I live in New Jersey. When you make friends with a local, you better believe you’ll be invited to a real, Cajun dinner and if not, they’ll tell you some of the best places to get real down home cooking on the cheap. New Orleans has an incredible array of high end restaurants of course, but the hole in the wall joints are just as memorable if not more so.

If you want to know how to plan a frugal trip to New Orleans, we have all the details for you in this post.

3. Just Take a Walk

There’s really no need to pay for entertainment in New Orleans. You’ll hear jazz music, tap dancers, and see other street performers by just walking around Jackson Square. You can peruse some local art, take in the steamboats when you stand on the levy, and maybe score a beignet or two (or three) if the line isn’t too long at Cafe du Monde.

Let’s not forget the great sport of people watching too. If you happen to stay in the quarter, you’ll see quite a few interesting sites on Bourbon Street. There’s no other place like it in the world!

So, if you want to go to New Orleans, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The city is interesting in itself without paying a lot for pricey tours. Simply book your trip through Wherewithal and get 5.5% cash back at I miss it so much that I just might have to plan a trip back there myself!

Where do you like to travel? Do you ever save by booking in the off season?

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