5 Unique Money Saving Tips


Simple Money Saving Tips
Tired of the oft-repeated money saving tips out there, and want to try something a bit out of the norm? We have exactly what you're looking for!

God, I love saving money. I really do. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that I got a good deal, or that I simply skipped over something that I didn’t need, brings joy to my heart.

We’ve all heard the commonly touted ideas that eating in or skipping those happy hour cocktails will save you big bucks, and they will – but if you want to come play in the big leagues, read on for some tips that are totally insane and will totally save you cash.

To be fair, the best money saving tip out there is simply don’t spend your money. Even the best deal in the world will still cost you something. Nothing saves you money like not spending it.

That might not sound insane, but try hanging out with people who want to spend money and tell them “No.” It blows people’s minds! Sometimes it even makes them uncomfortable that you’re not doing what they’re doing. Spending and consumerism are so commonplace in our world that it seems downright crazy to shy away from that.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique than simply brown bagging your lunch or not spending at all, then fear not. I got you covered.

1. Change your Grooming Style

I’m all for caring for oneself. I have just become a lot smarter about it. For example, I only shampoo my hair once or twice a week. Most shampoos are pretty bad for your hair, stripping it of natural oils and replacing them with lots of silicone and chemicals.

By cutting down on the amount I use and the times I use it, I can make one bottle last half a year. Try making your showers shorter, too. Play your favorite song and see if you can be out before it’s done.

Similarly, try dying your own hair at home or waxing your own legs at home. You’ll pay half the price at a salon and don’t have to tip!

2. Get Out of the Car

Driving is really expensive. Gas, car maintenance like oil changes and tire replacements, car insurance – it all adds up. If you have a car, try to cut down on how often you use it. I know, at first it seems like you just can’t drive any less. You have to drive to work, you have to carry the groceries back in a car, you have to have a car to go downtown for the night.

That’s not the case though! If you live within a mile of your grocery store, try walking there once a week. If you go frequently and buy smaller amounts of food, you can carry them back in your backpack, and you’ll get a free workout!

Try walking or biking to anything – a restaurant or bar, your gym, or one day a week to work.

3. Student Hair Cuts

Maybe you’re totally afraid on doing your hair at home (raises own hand). That’s okay, there’s yet another option! People don’t just pop out of the womb as hair stylists, they go to school for it.

Student stylists often give a wide array of styles for significant discounts. They need the practice and you’ll save a bundle!

4. DIY

Stop paying money to have things done for you. This seems to be a radical notion to most people. In today’s world, we can have everything delivered to us or done for us. But it all comes at a price.

If you’re trying to save some cash, turn yourself into a handy man. Learn to change your own oil or sew up a hole in your clothes. Insulate your house to save on heating and cooling costs. Buy a can of paint and repaint a room or two yourself. Dream big and learn to finish your own cabinets or floors!

There’s a million things to learn and do yourself that will save you tons of dollars throughout your life. There are endless amounts of YouTube tutorials out there to help you, too.

5. Have an Unplugged Evening

Take an evening or a day off from using your electricity or electronics. No TV, no washing machine, no lights.

Eat dinner outside as the sun sets in summer time, or by candle in the winter. Play board games instead of tuning into Netflix for an evening. Unplug everything you’re not using as well to minimize “vampire drain.”

We realize these tips aren’t for everyone. If you’re fine with taking a simple approach to cutting expenses, then keep doing that! We’re just presenting other options that you might not have thought of.

What are some of your ideas to save money that are outside the norm? Any great ideas that you use to keep your bank account in the black?

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