3 Cool Activities To Do on the Cheap


Simple Money Saving Tips
Wanting to be financially responsible and having fun are both possible - especially with these 3 cool activities to do on the cheap.

You know who’s super cool? You. You totally are! And you do super cool things. In fact, you do super cool things in a super cool way: you do them cheaply.

Hats off to you buddy. You’re an inspiration to us all! I know that I’m constantly looking for ways I can save money on incredible experiences. How can I travel abroad and not pay out the wa-zoo? How can I see my favorite band and not get shafted on the ticket price?

Wanting to be financially responsible doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. The two are not mutually exclusive! There are an abundance of ways to have fun and to make sure your bank account stays out of the red.

Here are 3 cool activities to do on the cheap to get you started.

Go On a Trip

Airlines are almost always giving away fantastic deals on flights. You just have to flexible with your time and destination.

I was able to find a roundtrip flight to Las Vegas for $104 for the first weekend of March. If you stay with a friend or a low price option like Airbnb instead of a pricey hotel, you could be looking at a weekend away for under $300. Take advantage of deals and be flexible with your timeline – it’ll save you boatloads!

Once there, get food from a grocery store (especially if you’re in a foreign country!) and try and eat or cook from where you’re staying. If you’re in Italy, of course you need some pasta and wine. Just try to make it a special one-off meal, and not every time your stomach rumbles.

Walking everywhere will also let you see the sights and keep some money safe in your pocket. For foreign travel, exchange money at a bank and not the airport to get better rates!

Go to a Music Festival

You can find music festivals from sea to shining sea in this country. Bonaroo, Coachella, SXSW, ACL, Newport Folk Festival- there are happening in abundance, and you can go to them!

Buy tickets as early as possible and consider doing just a one day pass. Never buy anything inside the festival, as you can be 1000% sure you’re being ripped off in there. Eat a large breakfast beforehand if you can’t bring food in, and bring snacks if you can.

I once hid a whole sandwich in a box of baby wipes so I could eat lunch at ACL. With a little ingenuity, you can devise your own sandwich sneak-in!

There are usually water refill stations at festivals, and you’ll want to stay hydrated simply for safety’s sake. Forgo the expensive beers and refresh yourself with water!

Explore Your City

If you live in a city, there is constant cultural turn over. New museum exhibits come into town, new artists perform, bars host events, libraries show free movies and someone, somewhere, is throwing a free party in the hopes you’ll buy something there.

Check your favorite venue and see what their weekly calendar offers. Newspapers (both hard copy and online) will have tons of stuff listed, ranging from speakers to movie times to events in parks. See what’s happening under your nose and re-introduce yourself to your city!

How do you have fun on a tight budget? Share your favorite things to do in the comments!

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