4 Ways to Throw a Fun and Cheap Memorial Day Party


Simple Money Saving Tips
Looking forward to the official start of summer? If so, consider throwing a cheap Memorial Day party to celebrate! Here are 4 ideas to get you started.

Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. Half the time I forget it’s even a holiday, and am pleasantly surprised by all the grilling and drinking that starts up at my house.

As the official beginning to summer, it’s appropriate to have a little get together to celebrate! Take your day off and spend it with some friends and hopefully some sunshine. Here are 4 ways to throw a fun and cheap Memorial Day party to help you keep your budget on track.

Memorial Day is a wonderful chance to get together with friends right before summer starts.

Here in Texas, people spend a lot of time traveling during the summer or hiding inside because it’s just so hot outside. Memorial Day is a nice chance to see some faces before what could be a long stretch without them. Getting everyone together and involved in a party doesn’t have to be expensive, either!

1) Potluck Grill Out

If you’re the host for the Memorial Day party, expenses can add up quickly.

Spread the responsibility and cost around a little and ask that your guests contribute a dish or a drink to the bash. That leaves less for you to do in terms of food prep, less money spent on the event, and a chance for everyone to show off their best dish!

2) Let Nature Be Your Decoration

I have a friend who has an eye for design. She loves to host or contribute to other people’s parties by bringing flowers, banners or centerpieces. She’s a Pinterest fiend for sure.

While her taste is stunning and everyone loves a good Pinterest idea, she often puts pricey floral arrangements on her credit cards, and she does not pay them off each month.

Her cute additions aren’t costing the $30-$50 she spends on them in the moment (which is also pretty pricey). The interest on her credit card is causing them to cost a lot more!

This year, if weather allows, host your party outside in your backyard, or on the block if the whole neighborhood is in. Let nature do the decorating for you!

If you’re headed somewhere else, pick some flowers from your yard or wherever they may be (and where they don’t belong to someone else). There’s a random lot a few streets over from me that’s covered in sunflowers in the summer months. You better believe I grab a few, put them in a pretty glass, and make that my free centerpiece!

3) Send Invites via Paperless Post

Regular old email will do as well, but it is a party after all! Jazz things up with a free email invite from Paperless Post. It shows you care, that you have good taste, and that you’re frugal!

4) Bring Back Childhood Games

Whether or not your party actually includes children doesn’t mean it can’t include childhood games.

Things like a simple piece of chalk and a ball can be a lot of fun on a sunny day.

Draw up a couple of hopscotch courses and see who can do them all the fastest. Draw a foursquare course with chalk, grab a ball, and challenge a few friends to play with you.

A jump rope is a great and practically free way to add a little spice to the day: see who can do tricks with them like going backwards or hopping on one foot for a minute. If the grown-ups are reluctant, hand out glasses of sangria and ask again later.

If someone has a horseshoe set, ask them to bring it! You might be able to find one at a thrift store, too.

Take Your Guests’ Needs Into Consideration

The most important money saving tip is to customize your party to your needs. If you’re a bunch of 25 year old’s getting together, you may not care about presentation or quality of food as much as a group of 35 year old’s with kids in tow would.

If all your friends like cheap beer, there’s no need to impress anyone with your craft brew favorites.

Conversely, if you know that your friends expect a big bash complete with water slide and clown, then make sure to ask for help when you need it. Look for other ways to cut where you can. You could get cheap beer to accompany the gluten free burger buns that cost extra.

Memorial Day is the kickoff to a summer of fun mindset, and you don’t want to be running around stressed about the party or what it will cost you. If all else fails, grab a beer and watch the sunset by yourself from somewhere pretty. Take a minute to appreciate the change of seasons and our little world. Most of all, enjoy your day!

What are your Memorial Day plans? Got any tips for throwing a memorable party on a budget?

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