Best Ways to Save Money for Millennials


Simple Money Saving Tips
best ways to save money

It’s tough to find the best ways to save money at my age, the ripe old age of 27. I feel like a weird millennial, though, because when people think of the word, I feel like college students or new graduates come to mind.

However millennials are growing up. Like me, many of them are starting to (gasp) have kids, homes of their own, and they’re moving up in their careers. Even so, Millennials still have to find the best ways to save money because although our economy is much improved, we’re still not quite out of the woods yet.

Many of our peers, siblings, and friends are still living with their parents. They have degrees but still can’t find a job that pays benefits. They still want the dream, the promise of the perfect life (you know, the one they borrowed all those student loans to try to achieve).

So, how can we get there? With smart money management, my friends. Here we go:

Best Ways to Save Money

the best ways to save moneyDrink at Home

Bars can be fun, but really there’s no point in getting drunk when you go out. At this point in our lives, drinking at bars should be an avenue for making important business connections, seeing old friends when the work day is done, or meeting someone new. None of that is cool if you are falling all over yourself, singing Top Gun songs on karaoke night.

Instead, have a night in. Drink some inexpensive wine. Be classy. Oh and hey, if you order wine online through the Wherewithal portal, you can get 10% cash back. See, I told you I’d fill you in on the best ways to save money.

Stop Worrying About Europe

Wasn’t Europe amazing when you were studying abroad? It was even better because your parents gave you all that spending money. Unfortunately, life is different now. We’re grown. With jobs. We can’t just jet off to Paris anymore. The best ways to save money include not spending big chunks of it at all. This means that for now, we’re going to have to take smaller trips until we pay back those loans. Sure, you can still fly, but it’ll have to be to somewhere your friends live so you can crash on their sofa. If you want to save money on the flight and hotel though, we offer up to 6% cash back on Expedia!

Use Wherewithal

I bet you didn’t see this one coming, right? ;) Well, it’s true. The best ways to save money are the ways that don’t require a lot of thought. With Wherewithal we help you to save money automatically by giving you cash back on the the things you’re already buying. The best part about us though is that we save that money for you instead of putting it back into your checking account. We can even invest it for you too, so that you can watch it grow and grow.

When you think of it like that, Paris doesn’t seem too far off does it?

What do you think are the best ways to save money?

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