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About Robin McDaniel

About Robin McDaniel

Robin is a freelance writer who chronicles her financial missteps and victories on her blog, www.TheThriftyPeach.com. When not chasing around her very busy toddler, she likes to make fun of herself on her blog and figures humor can be found in any financial mistake she has made.

That One Time I Went to a Beauty School for a Haircut

Every frugal maven has their own ways to cut costs while trying to live a fabulous, frugal life. If you’re a frequent reader of frugality blogs, you can probably think of a few crazy things you’ve done (or read about) to save money, too (although I sincerely hope it doesn’t involve reusing your toilet paper).

Personally, I’ve completely stopped wearing makeup, most of my clothes are hand-me-downs, I’ve nixed going shopping and eating out for entertainment, and I’ve absolutely stopped trying to keep up with the Joneses. I’ve made some great strides, but at one point in time, I was paying $120 every time I went to visit my hair stylist for a cut and highlights — definitely not frugal!

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