12 Crazy Side Hustles People Do for Extra Cash

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Increasing Your Income
crazy side hustles

A side hustle is anything you do outside of your main income to make extra cash, and side hustles are best when played to your strengths. I personally am a big fan of the side hustle, taking any opportunity to fatten my wallet. Some people drive Uber or Lyft’s as their side hustles, and some people do seasonal work like lifeguarding in the summer (get 7% back when you buy a swimsuit using Wherewithal) or shoveling snow in the winter.

Those kinds of side hustles are old news though. Your side hustle should be something you like or something that pays well.

I personally work mainly from home, which means I can set my own hours. Last February I got paid to wait in line for seven hours. I brought my notebook and phone and did my regular work…and got paid $18 an hour in cold, hard cash.

Is spot holding something I love? No. Was it basically free money? Yep.

For most of last year, my whole income was from side hustles: I had no set schedule and was willing to do anything. I worked as a nanny over the summer, doing two week stints with a family at a time. It was perfect for me because I had my own transportation, time to spare and the parents agreed to pay for all the outings we had and food we ate. I got paid and scored free food! I also did things like hosted a clothing swap. About 10 other women came and we traded clothes, drank some wine and at the end, I held onto everyone’s left over clothes. I brought them to Plato’s Closet and sold the majority of them, making myself some extra cash.

How You Can Get Crazy Side Hustles

So, how can you channel your inner superhero and start making some extra cash? Well first, do you have a flexible schedule and high energy? If so, you can be an after-party cleaner for the local college campus. Do you hate that people can’t tell the salad fork from the dinner fork? Teach an etiquette class on Monday evenings. Are you super organized and online savvy? Become a virtual assistant. (If you need a new computer to do that, we offer up to 5% back at Dell through Wherewithal!)crazy side hustles

Here are a few more ideas to get you started. Make your side hustle personal though, and watch those extra dollars pile up!

  1. Participate in focus groups
  2. Sell plasma
  3. Sell your hair online (Oh yes, this is a real thing.)
  4. Be a hangover ‘doctor’ (People will pay you to bring them gatorade, aspirin, a burrito and water as they fight off a hangover.)
  5. Professional blogger
  6. Nude model for art classes
  7. Wedding entertainment- anything from belly dancing to karaoke superstars to live statues. People want special things on their big day!
  8. Dog primper (lavishing dogs with spa quality fur and nail treatments)
  9. Dog poop picker-uper (hey, we didn’t say it’d be glamorous!)
  10. Personal companion- often a special needs or older person will need help running errands or completing their day.

Do you have crazy side hustles? Do you actually want crazy side hustles? Tell us more in the comments!


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